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FBNN Report, April 13, 2008
Newscaster: Good Morning, this is FBNN (First Baptist News Network) reporting from the First Baptist Church in the City of Williamsburg, KY. This network was formed for the purpose of sharing with the church highlights of the 125th Anniversary Year.

Baptist churches have a long history of connecting to and working with other churches of like faith and/or similar purpose. These organizations may be called associations, alliances, conventions, or councils. Since Baptist churches are autonomous, there is no authority of any of these relationships which can control the local church. Last week the News Release #5 featured the relationship of FBC with the local Mt. Zion Baptist Association and the Williamsburg Ministerial Alliance. These connections have helped the Church members to be aware of the needs of the local area.

Today News Release #6 features the relationship of FBC with the Southern Baptist Convention. The FBC of Williamsburg has participated in the work of the SBC beginning in 1887. The Church has sent messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention many different years. The Church has been a strong supporter of the COOPERATIVE PROGRAM which began in 1925. Currently the gifts to the COOPERATIVE PROGRAM IN KENTUCKY are shared one-third with the work of the Southern Baptist Convention and two-thirds with the work of the Kentucky Baptist Convention. A portion of each dollar given to the Kentucky Baptist Convention supports the work of Baptist education at the University of the Cumberlands. In addition, special annual mission offerings are given: International Mission Board-Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and North American Mission Board--Annie Armstrong Easter Offering.

The WMU of the SBC has had a strong emphasis upon mission education of all ages, especially young women. Waunita Sowders Kearney has been the only young woman in the mission organizations of FBC to achieve QUEEN REGENT. In addition, in the KBC Training Union state Speakers Contest she won first place and received second place honors at the SBC national Speakers Contest at Ridgecrest, North Carolina 1947.

Members of the Church have served on Board of Trustees: Thomas Eugene West at the Baptist Bible Institute of New Orleans, Louisiana, (now named the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary) and Leon Simpson at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary of Fort Worth, TX.

Two former members who were baptized as youths into FBC have had distinguished careers. They are Rose Marlowe and William Estep. Rose Marlowe served as a missionary in China from 1921-49 and in Japan from 1950-55. If you wish to know more, highlights of her career can be found on the Church's website. William Estep had a distinguished career as Professor of Church History at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary of Ft. Worth, TX, from 1954-94. He was the author or editor of 21 books.

In addition, former missionaries have been an active part of the life of FBC. Chester Raymond Young and Florence Baird Young were missionaries in Honolulu, Hawaii (1949-64). James "Beryl" Boswell and Linda Boswell with their children were "missionaries in residence" at Cumberland College in 1977-78. They were on furlough from mission work in Peru. Milton Murphey and Martha Murphey served as missionaries in Nazareth, Israel (1951-79). Marcia Prather and her husband served as Home Missionaries in Ohio.

In recent years members of FBC have supported the work of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. The CBF was organized in 1991. Several members of FBC have designated that the World Missions portion of their gifts to the Church budget be sent to the CBF and KBC. Also, the special mission offerings are designated for the CBF Global Missions Offerings. In 1991 there was 4% designated for the CBF, and in 2007 there was 45% designated for the CBF.

A printed copy of News Release #6 is available for you on the table near the Church office. There are additional historical notes on the printed copy. Additional information can be found on the church's website and in the Church library, especially in Chester Young's book, "To Win the Prize."

Partial list of Church members and Sunday School members of FBC of Williamsburg who have participated in missions


  • Rose Marlowe, China, 1921-49 & Japan, 1950-55
  • Ethel Rebecca Harmon, Nigeria, 1938-71
  • Chester Raymond Young & Florence Baird Young, Honolulu, Hawaii, 1949-64
  • Milton Murphey & Martha Murphey, Nazareth, Israel, 1951-79
  • Marcia Bryant Prather & husband, Ohio
  • Mixon Cowart & his wife, Ghana
  • James Shemwell & Donna Maggard Shemwell, Toga
  • Howard Atkinson & Elizabeth Sweet Atkinson, Columbia
  • Rebecca Edwards Adkins, Hong Kong, China, 1993-95
  • Mary Katherine Williams, granddaughter of Sue Stephens, New York w/CBF


  • Sharlene Dzugan, Southeast Asia
  • Susan Brockway, Kenya
  • Garnet Chrisman, Kenya


  • Mavis & John Broome
  • Patricia & George Ramey
  • Sue & Tom Whisman
  • Bonnie & David Farrar
  • Belinda & David Honeycutt


  • Herbert C. Gabhart, President of Belmont University, Nashville, TN
  • Oscar Brooks, William Jewell College, Liberty, MO
  • Joseph Lewis, Georgetown College, KY & Samford University, AL
  • Barbara Elder, Editor, National WMU Office, Birmingham, AL
  • David Perkins, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, LA
  • Frederick Downing, Louisiana College, LA & Valdosta State University, GA
  • Leon Simpson, Sunday School Board & President of Clear Creek Baptist College, KY
  • Victor Edwards, Associate in Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
  • Robert Darby, Grand Canyon College, Phoenix, AZ
  • D. Brian Austin, Carson Newman College, Jefferson City, TN
  • Beth Ann Mauney Williams, Utah WMU Office, Salt Lake City, UT


  • Thomas Eugene West
  • James Allen Crisp
  • Glen Willard Reeves
  • Charles M Dupier, Jr.
  • Clarence Martin Brooks


JOURNEYMAN PROGRAM (two year assignments)

  • Rebecca Edwards Adkins, Macao, China, 1983-85
  • Douglas Adkins, Korea, 1987-89
  • Cathy Sue Smith, Philippines, 2000-02
  • Kristin, Smith, China, 2003-06
  • ----, Africa, 2008-10

SPECIAL ASSIGNMENTS (one year assignments or longer)

  • Glen Willard Reeves & Frances Reeves, Malawi, 1975-76
  • Beth Ann Mauney Williams, Atlanta Olympics, 1993-96
  • Milton Murphey & Martha Murphey, Russia, 1994-95
  • Kim Shelby Davenport & Randy Davenport, Campus Crusade, Western KY Univ.

SEMESTER TERM (fifteen week assignment)

  • Susan Etter, Morocco, 1997
  • Melinda Etter, Haiti, 2004
  • Michael Etter, Thailand, 2007

SUMMER MISSIONS (eight to ten week assignment)

  • Waunita Sowders Kearney, area VBS, 1947
  • Ed Pavy, Philippines
  • Eric Hoffelder, KY BSU Son team, Latin America & BWA in Argentina, 1984
  • Beth Ann Mauney Williams, KY BSU Son team
  • Hunter Bates, KY BSU team
  • Steven Ramey, South Carolina BSU, New York state 1989 and Kenya 1990
  • Susan Etter, Sojourner, FL, 1995
  • Kim Shelby Davenport, Campus Crusade, FL, 1995
  • Melinda Etter, Taiwan, 2001 & Haiti, 2002
  • Sharon Etter, Haiti, 2002
  • Kathy Stienberger, KY BSU team, Thailand, 2006
  • Michael Etter, KY BSU team, Thailand, 2006


  • E. Jane Carter, Yantai, China 1992 & 93 & Beijing, China 1997
  • Charles M. Dupier, Jr., Yantai 1992
  • Ann Hoffelder, Yantai 1993
  • Jonathan Ramey, Beijing 1994
  • Norma Patrick, Yantai, 1995
  • Robert Dunston & Norma Dunston, Beijing, Yantai, Fuchou, 1998-2008

MISSION TOURS & SERVICE PROJECTS (1-2 week assignment)

  • Youth, New Orleans, LA, 1979
  • Hugo Repair, Charleston, SC, 1991, Steven Ramey
  • Cultural Exchange, Alamaty, Kazakhstan (five) June 1991-L. Dean Whitaker, Jonathan Ramey, Steven Ramey, Patricia & George Ramey
  • Youth, SC, 1993
  • FBC College Group, SC, 1995
  • Youth, SC, 1995
  • Youth, Catawba Indians, SC, 1996
  • Youth, Baltimore, MD, 1997
  • Youth, Mission-Fuge, Nashville, 1998
  • Youth, Passport, 1999
  • Katrina Repair, Pascagoula, MS, October 2006 (sixteen), Ed & Sheila Talley, David & Belinda Honeycutt, Timothy Cockrell, B* B*, Crystal & Howard Bell, Kathy Stienbarger, Connie Bush, Terresa Etter, Donna Mauney, Martha Murphey, Darlene Young, Patricia & George Ramey
  • South Dakota Indian Reservation, June 2007 (thirteen), B* B*, Kathy Stienbarger, Shelby Crawford, Carol Robinson, Ariel Robinson, Mary Steely, David & Kim Williams, James David Williams, Hunter Williams, Timothy Cockrell.
  • Katrina Repair, New Orleans Area Housing (NOAH), October 2007 (sixteen), Ed & Sheila Talley, David & Belinda Honeycutt, Tim Cockrell, B* B*, Kathy Stienbarger, Lindsey Jones, Connie Bush, Donna Mauney, Martha Murphey, Ann Nighbert, Joshua Teague, Lance White, Patricia & George Ramey
  • Mission Study Tour Group of 70 w/IMB, China, May 2008 (one), B* B*
  • Mission Study Tour Group of 19 w/KBF, Morocco, June 2008 (three), Jonathan Ramey, Patricia & George Ramey
  • Youth Mission, Beaufort, S. C., June 2008 (fifteen), B* B*, Billy Conn, Kathy Stienbarger, Kathy Karr, Kassey Karr, Brandon Conlin, Carissa Conlin, Claire Croley, Toby Nguyen, Taylor Perkins, Thomas Rains, Jason Sisk, Whitley West , Kelsey White, Hunter Williams,
  • Youth Mission, Puerto Rico, July 2008 (eleven), B* B*, Kathy Stienbarger, Shelby Crawford, Shelleigh Moses, Amanda Moses, Timmy Cockrell, Katelyn Harris, Alaina Jackson, Daniel Mitchell, Whitlie Rose, Lance White

SERVICE PROJECTS (one day assignment)

  • Build wheelchair ramp w/Mt. Outreach, Whitley County, April 2001, (eight), David Etter, Grant Hamblin, Roy Kitchen, Jonathan Ramey, Patricia & George Ramey
  • Owsley County Repair Affair w/KBF, Sept 2006 (four), Sept 2007, (six), Ed Talley, David & Belinda Honeycutt, Connie Bush, Patricia & George Ramey
  • Elm Street Church Repair, 2006 and 2007, (ten), Ed Talley, David Honeycutt, Connie Bush, Bill Freeman, B. Douglas & Kathy Karr, Barbara Neubert, Florence Young, Jonathan Ramey, George Ramey

The 125th Anniversary Committee is interested in any corrections to the news releases and additional information or stories. If you have corrections or additions, please contact George Ramey (email: or the church office (phone: (606) 549-0280, email:

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